EnviroWeek 10%
Savings For All

EnviroFleet Corporate Transfers Green cause. Because it makes a difference!

Continuing eco-friendly initiatives, EnviroFleet is offering a special 10% discount to absolutely anyone using the service during EnviroWeek.

Live smarter. Choose the company that cares about our environment.

"Not only do we use the latest available technology in Hybrid vehicles, but we still off-set all carbon emissions. That's a win win; so you can sit comfortably & know that you company or you are contributing to a greener world," stated Managing Director, EnviroFleet Corporate Transfers, Steven Dimas. 

"EnviroFleet understands how the transport and chauffeur transfers industry needs to grow & evolve. That's why we provide added eco-friendly value. We should all be endorsing such philosophies," added Dimas.

"Climate change is the most important issue facing our generation. Envirofleet is doing something about it, by measuring and offsetting their carbon footprint with Climate Friendly" Climate Friendly CEO, Freddy Sharpe. "Thanks for taking real action on climate change" Climate Friendly CEO, Freddy Sharpe.

For further details about EnviroWeek, visit www.enviroweek.org



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